A sample of the Gumbeaux Sistahs Paintings over the years

The History of the Sistahs
The first Gumbeaux Sistahs painting showed up in 2009.  That was the year I co-founded the Women of Infinite Possibilities.  The WIP, as it was called, was a women’s empowerment group focused on creating a community of belonging through opportunities, connections, and good works.
Because the acronym was the WIP, I first painted the women waving whips over their heads.  The Women in the painting gave a united front, strong vibe and it was just the message I wanted for the group.  The painting’s image was first used as the WIP’s logo, then variations of it got incorporated into other versions of WIP logos along the way. 

I first named the women - the Gumbeaux Sistahs in 2013 when joined a business mastermind group named Veritas.  It was a group of women who would meeting to brainstorm about their businesses.  I brought a photo of the Sistahs to a meeting and told the group that I had a feeling about the women – about what they stood for – solidarity, support, friendship. I told them that their official name was The Gumbo Sisters, a name I chose because they were southern and close as sisters.   One of the women in the group named Pemmie Sheasby, who owns Oil & Vinegar 2 Geaux, suggested I change the spelling to the Cajun French type of spelling - Gumbeaux  - and to the more slangy – Sistahs, just for fun.  And so the name was born. 

I was inspired at that point to start painting the Sistahs in some New Orleans settings – the French Quarter, at Pat O’Briens, and at the Café du Monde.  The painting of the Gumbeaux Sistahs in the French Quarter was purchased and added to the Fauve art collection of Peter and Debby Magowan, past General Manager of San Francisco giants.

After that the Sistahs started showing up on my gift products  – umbrellas, flasks, tea towels, bracelets, coasters, etc. 

Over the next few years, the GS simplified and expanded in design as I experimented with styles and technique.  They even ended up in a painted version that I hung on the front of my house! 
Now that the Sistahs have a book and a voice, their appearance has started taking on more easiliy identifiable personalities and styles.  

You never know where the Sistahs will go next.  I can’t wait to find out! 
One of the first Gumbeaux Sistahs on left above was created in honor of the Women of Infinite Possibilities (or the WIP), an empowering women's group in Covington, LA  www.womenofwip.org
​Original WIP logo on right above
Simplified versions of the Gumbeaux Sistahs
Gumbeaux Sistahs made the cover of Inside Northside, May 2013
Gumbeaux Sistahs in New Orleans
Gumbeaux Sistahs on Jax's gift items
Gumbeaux Sistahs - collage version 
Gumbeaux Sistahs as a mini painting
Gumbeaux Sistahs on cover of debut novel
Possible future covers of Gumbeaux Sistahs books
Gumbeaux Sistahs on the front of Jax's House!