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How to start your own Gumbeaux Sistahs Group!

The Gumbeaux Sistahs in the books are all about helping a sistah out!  They brainstorm and come up with ideas to help solve each other's problems and the problems of strangers that show up at the Friendship Bench.  

A Gumbeaux Sistahs group is all about helping out too.  They choose a project to work on and brainstorm, use their resources and make a solution happen.  This concept can be loosely and creatively interpreted by a group and many forms of the interpretation will pop-up.  That's fine!  Whatever works!  
1. Invite five to ten friends or acquaintances to an initial get-together.  Don't limit yourself - it could be a great opportunity to meet with new people you'd like to get to know. Food, drinks and fun are your best draw!  Big crazy hats never hurt anybody either!  lol

2. Decide on where, when and how often to meet.

3.  Figure out a name for your group such as "The New Orleans Gumbeaux Sistahs Group - and email your name to Jax to register it and prevent duplication.

4.  Choose a leader just to help keep things organized.  An assitant leader isn't a bad idea either in case a project needs extra organization.

5.  Decide on your first GS project.  Be creative! Take suggestions from the group.  The project could be tackling the problem of a Sistah member or it could even be helping out a non-member Sistah in secret!  Decide how you will carry out the job.  Divide up the work. 

6.  Celebrate your successes (and your near misses too!)  Enjoying your Sistahs company is the best part!

7.Please email Jax and let her know about your projects - the successes and one-offs too!  Tell me all the little details.  I will post the best projects on my blog!

8.  Don't forget to have a ridiculous amount of fun!
Got questions?  Email Jax